Signs You Need Our Aircon Servicing or Repair Services

The one question that always bothers aircon users is “does our system require a professional repair or maintenance?”

Well, if you are using it for a long time without proper cleaning, the answer is a definite yes.

However, if you get it checked regularly, look for the typical signs of defect. If any of the following symptoms are there, contact us immediately.

Unusual Loud Noise

The air conditioning units consist of multiple moving parts like shafts, motors, pulleys and fans which will make noise during the operation. However, if you hear a loud noise, this is a severe problem.

For instance, the system produces a hissing sound if there is a leakage in its ducts, which means a high chance of evaporator coil freezing. Buzzing sound is a symbol of problems in the electrical unit of the air conditioner and banging noise means a loose or an almost broken part.

Warm Or Low Air

The air conditioner system is there to cool down and maintain your place. A blow of warm air from its outlet is a clear sign of potential defect or setting error.

So start with the thermostat setting. Set the thermostat to the cooling mode with a temperature slightly higher than the current temperature of your place and then check the blow from its vent.

If the air flowing is still warm, then contact the repairing company immediately. This issue is related to failing compressor, restricted airflow and low refrigerant levels, each of which is very dangerous. These factors can shut the whole cooling system and even burn the motor.

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Excess Moisture

By using an air conditioner, you are basically lowering the temperature of the air. So condensation of water is always there.  

But the cooling unit has a specific system to drain out the excess water and maintain normal humidity inside your place. If it’s failing to do so, there are high chances of blockage in the drainage or a dirt deposit in the evaporation chamber.

To deal with the scenario, you can either try to clean the system or call a professional for help, such as troubleshooting.

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Constant Running

This sign is quite challenging to detect in the initial stage, especially in an all-year-long hot summer season like Singapore. However, you will notice it once your electricity bill starts to rise and cooling start to decreases.

At this point, look around the air conditioner for effecting factors like a window with direct sunlight, restricted airflow of the room or cooling setting.

If none of these is wrong, check the condenser units filter for dirt deposit and bend fins. You can also check the thermostat by switching the temperature.

If none of these works, let the professionals handle the situations.

Disturbing Noise From The Compressor Unit

The compressor unit is the heart of an air conditioning system, and even a minor fault in it is very dangerous. If this part is making a weird noise, take immediate action.

Turn off the unit and open its cover, you will see a filter and motorized fan in it, disassemble them both. Have a keen look at the fans and try to find if it is broken or unbalanced due to something. If there’s nothing wrong with the fan try to look for foreign bodies in the compressor housing.

Most of the time plant leaves and other small particles stick with the walls and fans creating vibration and hence the noise.

If there is nothing wrong with any of the exposed component, then the sealed compressor is the culprit. You cannot repair or check it by yourself, calling an aircon repair company is the only rescue.


Foul smell indicates the presence of mold and other bacteria in the air conditioner. Although this is not a performance issue, it does have a very adverse effect on air standard. The microbes will start to reproduce in the system component, which will contribute to the blockages in the evaporator and condenser. The bacteria can also enter your body through the air and affect your health.

Usually, the routine aircon cleaning and maintenance are enough to eliminate any cause of this problem. However, it does depend on the climate of your place, so keep a check on it. 

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Failing Thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for regulating the cooling level of the room and turns the air-conditioning on/off according to it. So if you feel that the air conditioner is not turning off even after the optimal temperature, it may be an error in this part.

Another sign of failing thermostat is the rise and fall of temperature. Someday the room will get freezing cold, and on other times it will stay hot. Luckily, this part doesn’t always need replacement or professional supervision, at least not if the error is due to its power source.

You should change its battery and reset it before coming to a final decision. However, if both these methods fail then replacement and reprogramming are the only option.

Personally, even if you doubt about any of these defects consider calling a reputable aircon repair firm in Singapore. A little trouble for a false alarm is way better than spending a few days without a cooling unit.