Aircon Troubleshoot

Older models often face minor breakdowns and issues which need quick troubleshooting. Our experts have almost ten years of experience in this aspect of aircon repairing.

Air conditioning units, especially the older ones, often face small breaks down and issues that need quick troubleshooting to determine the root cause of the problem. Here at LK Brothers, our experienced experts will then be able to identify and solve the issue and repair your aircon unit.

Backed by comprehensive knowledge and regular training, our experts can quickly deal with the issue. Whether your system is making noise, has decreased efficiency, or fluids are leaking from it, we are here to help. Through aircon troubleshooting, we can inspect and recommend a better solution for any aircon troubles you may face.

Professional Aircon Trouble Shooting Services

At LK Brothers, we understand how difficult it is to survive a day without a properly running air conditioner in Singapore. We aim to make sure that you never have to experience it.

Every time you engage us for aircon cleaning, gas top-up, or other services, we do our best to identify and resolve any possible problem that can compromise your cooling system’s reliability.

Our company has a quick aircon troubleshoot inspection service, which comes in handy when you are unsure of your aircon’s status and problems.
Once we receive a confirmation email, call or text from our clients, we will immediately dispatch an expert team.

Air Conditioner Inspection and Troubleshooting

Besides chemical overhaul and aircon installation services, our professionals can help you with the following aircon troubleshooting services

Aircon Filter Trouble

Air filters in the air conditioning unit are responsible for purifying all the air that enters or leaves the air conditioner.

As a result, it often develops a layer of dirt and impurities with each flow of air. This is very common for air conditioning units as usage increases. Usually, aircon servicing can help reduce this layer of dirt.

Beyond a certain point of usage, however, these filters expire and cannot be repaired or cleaned any further. In such situations, a change of air filter is required. At LK brothers, we carry spare filters for almost every known air conditioner brand.

Restore Thermostat Functionality

The air conditioner has a small function, allowing you to set the room temperature you require for your room/surroundings. This is known as the thermostat.

It has a sensor that detects the current room temperature and regulates the air conditioner to reach and maintain optimal airflow. If the sensor is damaged, the temperature regulation will be affected. Your aircon might not dispense cool air, or it might cool the room too much.

Troubleshooting can help us identify if the thermostat is faulty.

If the fault lies with the thermostat, we can reset, reprogram or reset it according to the situation.

Clean the Thermal Coils

There are two heat exchanging spots in any air conditioning system, the condenser and the evaporator. Each of these spots has a series of spiral-shaped pipes, which increase the flow time and supplement the energy exchange.

A thick layer of bacteria or dirt on these tubes can affect your cooling system’s efficiency. The condenser and evaporator coils may have a fluctuating temperature, which could result in complete system failure.

If so, you would require a cleaning liquid to remove the impurities within your machine. With our innovative aircon troubleshooting methods, we assure you that you will not face the same problem soon.

Remove Clogging

Whether you talk of the drainage system, capillary tubes or filters, every part of the air conditioner is prone to clogging. Each of these aircon parts has a different effect on the overall working of the cooling system.

For instance, blockage in the drainage system leads to water collection and potentially aircon leakage, whereas a clogging in the filter results in decreased airflow. Clogging can also result in your aircon emitting a foul smell.

We can solve this problem by vacuuming or cleaning the affected areas and finding and eliminating the culprit. We also have powerful pumps to dissolve the impurities in tubes and other unreachable parts.

Fix Aircon Refrigerant Issues

The refrigerant is one of the cooling system’s most crucial and dangerous parts. This anti-freeze liquid is the part that transfers the heat from one unit to the other. Without this liquid, the system will stop working.

The refrigerant is colourless, odourless and pressurised, making it challenging to find the leak.

However, LKBrothers professionals have years of industrial experience and can deal with problems efficiently. We have many tools to confirm the leakage, including the leak in air vents, and fix the system if necessary.
Apart from the standard aircon troubleshoot, we are also here to replace defective aircon parts – effectively aircon repairs.

We can help you with faulty motors, failing capacitors, capillary tubes, control boards, thermistors and more. We also have solutions for lack of lubrication, worn belts, bend fins, noisy cooling systems and more.

LK Brothers Aircon Troubleshooting Service 

Our experts at LK Brothers have almost ten years of experience in doing aircon works and strive to ensure full customer satisfaction. You can rely on us for the repair, replacement, and maintenance of almost every air conditioner, despite of its brand or model. Importantly, our troubleshooting skills will ensure you know the problem or potential problems that may arise with your system.

Our experts undergo regular training which makes them efficient for all kinds of work for almost all aircon brands. We have knowledge of the older as well as the latest technology and always come up with the best solutions for all your problems.

Fix your aircon problems today with our troubleshooting service.