Aircon Servicing

We keep your aircon clean and well-maintained.

All the parts of an air conditioner are prone to microscopic deposits and damages which are not usually visible during initial stages. It is recommended that you clean and check the system regularly.

Our team can help you with the cleaning of filters, deodorizing the cooling unit, vacuuming the drainage system, lubricating the mechanical parts and cleaning the evaporator coil. We can also help you with regulating compressor suction and discharge pressure.

The normal servicing, once in every few months, will ensure that your system achieves a long working life and better efficiency.

What we do and provide:

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use increases.

    • To use chemical clean air filters & cover.
    • Check deodorising and purifying filters.
    • Check & clean indoor evaporator coil & drainage tray.
    • Vacuuming of drainage system.
    • Check compressor suction and discharge pressure.
    • Check fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary).

Normal Servicing Pricing

Looking for best aircon service prices in Singapore? Check-out our reasonably-priced aircon servicing deals below:

Nos. of Aircon Unit 1 Time Service
1 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 40
2 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 50
3 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 70
4 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 85
5 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 100
6 Fancoil & above (c/w Condenser) $ 19 per unit


Nos. of Aircon Unit Tri-yearly (3x)
2 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) 146 nett
3 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 196 nett
4 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 236 nett
5 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 286 nett
6 Fancoil & above (c/w Condenser) $ 336 nett


Nos. of Aircon Unit Quarterly (4x)
2 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 21.90 per unit / $175
3 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 17.90 per unit / $215
4 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 16.60 per unit / $265
5 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $ 16.75 per unit / $335
6 Fancoil & above (c/w Condenser) $ 16.50 per unit / $395
  • For more fancoil units please contact us for quotation.
  • Inspection of air conditioner problems under our maintenance contract will be FREE of charge.
  • Warranty 90 days