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LK Brothers is a professional aircon installation company that has operated in Singapore for over ten years. For the past decade, we have served hundreds of customers, accumulated a vast knowledge of aircon installation works, and a loyal pool of returning customers.

We have completed many installation projects, including commercial, residential and HDB works. Our installation portfolio includes various models of air conditioners from the top brands in the world, including DaikinMitsubishi, and LG.

Having the right company install your aircon unit for you ensures a smooth experience. Avoid the trouble from a faulty pipe installation or bad insulation work. A well-installed aircon system cools your room faster and saves your repair & operating costs. Well-installed systems cool your room faster, save you cost, and preserve your unit’s lifespan.

Factors to Consider During Aircon Installation

It can be tricky selecting the right experts for your aircon installation. We advise customers to do their due diligence and research before engaging in such projects.

Below are a few essential factors to consider when you decide to engage a contractor for installing an aircon:

1. Types and Brands of Aircon

    • The first prominent factor in the cost for your aircon installation project is the type of aircon. If you are getting a commercial, high-powered aircon unit, be prepared to pay more than a smaller powered, home-used type.

      Aircon Brands We Provide For Installation

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    • Normal Room Aircon: The most affordable and popular options are to get this type of aircon, its lifespan being generally around 10-15 years. It is recommended that you do servicing for those units regularly.
    • Central Aircon: Central aircon is commonly used in commercial buildings and is usually equipped for high-capacity usage. They have a lifespan of around 15-20 years.
    • Evaporative Cooler: Such coolers are a good option for homeowners in a relatively dry areas. It gives off water vapour, adding humidity to the air, unlike regular aircons. Its lifespan is around 15-20 years and usually requires more frequent maintenance.
    • Ductless Mini-Split Aircon: This type of aircon is the most common in Singapore homes. They have a 15-20 year lifespan, and their compressors are located outside the home.

2. Power Consumption

Air conditioners are well-known for their vast power consumption. Choosing the proper aircon that is suited for your room’s size can provide significant long-term energy savings.

Talk to us today for more advice on the air-con units you should use for your home.

3. Size and Location

The bigger rooms require more power to cool them down. Sizes and types of aircon used in a particular size and location will affect the operating costs.

A standard British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating determines an aircon’s cooling capacity. The number of BTUs needed for a specific room is calculated by multiplying the square foot of the room by 35.

For example, an area of around 150 square feet needs 5,000 BTUs for installation. Warmer areas of a house, such as those facing an afternoon sun, will require more power (hence, higher cost) to cool the space.

Common Mistakes by New Homeowners During Installation

When installing an aircon, we can see many customers repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Below are a few examples:

When it comes to installing an aircon, we see many customers repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Choosing The Wrong Type/Size of Aircon
    • A mismatch of aircon power and room size can result in the room being unable to cool down or cooled too much. Power consumption is usually more than the efficient level.
  • Insecure Installation of Unit
    • Both the supporting wall and the air conditioning unit should have the fundamental support to ensure the unit is safely secured. An aircon unit that is not properly secured is a safety hazard.
  • Improper Insulation
    • An aircon unit will consume more power due to bad insulation. This is because it will require more work to cool down the surrounding areas. Usually, window aircon systems would need filling of insulation foams to cover the surrounding open spaces. Whereas for ductless mini-split air conditioners, decent-sized ducts are suggested to be installed depending on the load circulation.
  • Leakages
    • Leakages can occur in some parts of the system. Although your unit may be brand new, it is essential to monitor if there are any refrigerant leaks. If there is any, engage gas top-up service immediately.

LK Brothers Aircon Services

At LK Brothers, we have over ten years of experience as a reputable aircon installer, ranging from residential to commercial types of projects.

With hundreds of good ratings and a good customer base, LK Brothers has firmly secured itself as one of the leading aircon experts in Singapore, providing a full market of aircon services.

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