Aircon Gas Top Up

We check the system for the possible causes of fluid depletion. Once it has been resolved, we refill the anti-freeze fluid.

Even the most advanced and well-maintained aircon system fails, if its coolant reservoir is not up to the required level. In this case, we recommend aircon gas top-up.

Even the most advanced and well-maintained aircon system fails if its coolant reservoir is not up to the required level. For situations like this, we recommend an aircon gas top-up.

There are many reasons for a low refrigerant problem. It may be due to leaks, improper installation, and poor-quality copper pipes. Time and usage can also have a drastic effect on the refrigerant level.

Most of the consumers who are using air conditioners have heard of the term “refrigerant” but have no idea of its importance. They often ignore the signs of low volumes. Eventually, the aircon unit will stop working due to the lack of its coolant.

Fortunately, at LK brothers, we can help you with this problem. We check the system for the possible causes of fluid depletion, and we refill the anti-freeze fluid once the issue has been resolved.

Our Aircon Gas Top Up Pricing

Most of the modern system uses are built according to global standards and use either R22 or H410 gas. Luckily, we have both these variants. Check out our aircon gas top up prices:

R410A $60 – $150
R22 $40 – $120
  • For multiple units, please contact us for a quotation.
  • Inspection of aircon problem under our maintenance contract will be FREE of charge.
  • We provide a warranty of 90 days.

Why Your Aircon Needs A Gas Top Up Services?

If the refrigerant level is low, it is advisable that you have a gas top-up for your aircon unit.

The problem of a low refrigerant level could be due to

  • Frequent usage
  • Leakage
  • Incorrect installation
  • Poor quality of copper pipes
  • Increased distance between two units of a split air conditioning system

However, the most common and critical factor that results in aircon refrigerant depletion is leakage. Apart from the lower efficiency of the cooling system, leakage is also a main contributor for ruining both human health and environmental balance.


Symptoms of Low Refrigerant Levels

Aircon units have their ways of giving low refrigerant alerts.

Gauges may signal the coolant levels of an air conditioning unit. Reduced cooling efficiency may also be a sign of low refrigerant levels.

If you are familiar with the air conditioning system, you can use the condenser pipes to confirm the quantity of aircon gas or liquid. The inlet of the evaporator is usually freezing cold if the refrigerant is adequate. Otherwise, you may want to engage our troubleshoot service for a detailed inspection.

Nevertheless, these are a few common ways in which an aircon unit shows signs of low refrigerant levels:


Cooling Level

Air conditioners of all kinds work on the same mechanism, known as the condensation cycle. A liquid compound absorbs the surrounding heat, and then dispenses it in the form of cooled air, reducing the temperature of the surroundings. The liquid compound is responsible for cooling your surroundings. If the coolant is insufficient, the cooling process will be affected.

Direct sunlight source, a pre-set thermostat and restricted airflow also contribute to the low efficiency of the cooling system.


Every air conditioner has two heat exchanging units, the condenser and the evaporator. Now the evaporator is responsible for absorbing indoor heat while the condensing unit dispenses the heat energy into the environment.

If the quantity of coolant decreases, the heat balance of these parts gets disturbed. Hence, you will see an accumulation of ice or frost on the evaporator coil and its nearby regions. This may cause problems for your aircon unit. In some cases, the area near the leakage spot and the air conditioner housing also gets affected.

Hissing Or Bubbling Sound

The coolant in the air conditioner system has to undergo a quick change in phase. Therefore, the refrigerant inside the air conditioner system is usually highly pressurised.

When there is damage in the pipelines or coils, this anti-freeze liquid escape at a very high speed, producing a hissing sound. The sound will be significantly audible if the ruptured spot is big enough.

High Energy Bills

When the refrigerant decreases, your aircon needs to run for a longer duration to maintain the temperature or at least try to reach it. It may use more energy to cool the same surroundings.

As a result, it will consume more electricity than usual, and you will see a drastic rise in the electricity bill.

The Cooling Unit Doesn’t Start

The lack of anti-freeze fluid in the air conditioning increases the overall effort of all the motors and systems. The increasing effort drastically affects the parts and sometimes burns them completely.

Therefore, some manufacturers started to install a safety mechanism in their air conditioning systems. This mechanism detects the problem and turns off the air conditioner in case of a problem.

Importance Of Aircon Gas Top Up And When Do You Need It?

When you use an aircon, you are bound to encounter some problems. One of the most common problems you might face is that it does not cool the room enough and is not working as efficiently as before.

The most common reason for this is that there might be a leakage problem that caused the refrigerant or gas to leak. A gas top-up and leakage fixing might be the solution in such a case.

This article will describe the importance of topping up gas in the aircon. We will also discuss the process of how to do it and all the situations that may indicate that it is low on gas.

Why is Aircon Gas Top Up Important?

There are some important reasons why you should top up the gas in the aircon, some of which are discussed below:

  • If the aircon has decreased gas reservoirs, you will have to refill it for it to function properly. Even if all the other parts are operating and in the best condition, it will fail to cool the room efficiently if the gas is not topped up.
  • Aircon gas top-up is also necessary for the other parts to function correctly and prevent other faults and issues. This is because a gas leakage indicates a problem in the aircon unit. If it is not checked and fixed, it will burden other parts and cause them to become faulty.
  • Aircon gas top-up helps you save money in the long run since if the leakage and other problems go undetected, it can cause the main parts to break down. That will cost you a lot when trying to repair or replace them.
  • During the process of aircon gas top-up, any leakages that may have caused the gas to leak in the first place will be fixed. So, you can be assured that the refrigerant will not leak in the future.
  • If the gas level in an aircon is low, it will have difficulty keeping the room cool. Therefore, it will have to work much harder to perform better. This overworking will result in increased energy consumption and increased electricity bills. Therefore, aircon gas top-up is very important if you want your electricity bills to remain low.

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What Are the Types Of Gases Used In The Aircon?

When you want to top up your aircon’s gas, you have two different options to choose from:

R22 or Freon gas is usually used in the older aircon versions. Its disadvantage is that it is hazardous to the environment because its use is being phased out.

The other type of gas is R410A or more commonly known as Puron. It is a newer type of aircon gas hydro-fluorocarbon or HFC, that is not harmful to the environment. This is why many owners choose this gas for their aircon if it is compatible. This gas translates to better efficiency.

When Do You Need Aircon Gas Top Up?

There are several factors and conditions that you should look out for that may require a gas top-up of the aircon. These are discussed below:

Aircon Does Not Cool The Room Properly

One of the most prevalent signs of lower gas levels in the aircon is that the room does not get cooled effectively. When you notice that the air conditioner cannot cool the room at the same thermostat settings as before, it could indicate that a gas top-up is needed.

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Aircon’s Compressor Does Not Stop

In the normal working of an aircon, the aircon compressor starts for some time. When it achieves a particular temperature, it shuts down for a few minutes before starting again to maintain the same temperature.

However, if the gas level is low, it will not be able to bring the room’s temperature to the desired level, and the compressor will keep working to achieve that. Since it cannot do so, it will continue to run without taking breaks.

Aircon Starts Making More Noise

When your aircon starts making more noise than usual, this could mean that it has to work a lot harder than before, which is causing the extra noise. Low refrigerant can cause it to work a lot harder than before. You can solve this problem by refilling the aircon gas.

Aircon Starts Leaking Water Or Refrigerant (Gas)

Another scenario that you might encounter during aircon usage is that it starts to leak water or liquid from any of its parts. Irrespective of how the leakage was caused, it can cause the gas to escape from the unit.

This leakage means that you will have to fix it and top up the gas so that the aircon can start working properly.

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Ice Deposits On The Evaporator Coils

In the routine working of the aircon, air flows through the evaporator coils where heat is dissipated, and consequently, the cold air blows through the indoor unit. If the refrigerant or coolant is low in quantity, the aircon cannot function at the optimum level.

This low coolant level can make the evaporator coils freeze, and ice starts depositing on them. When you notice this ice or if this ice melts, water will begin to leak from the unit; this can indicate a low gas level of the aircon. After careful inspection, the technician can determine the problem and top up the gas.

What is the Aircon Gas Top Up Process?

There is a misconception that topping up aircon gas is a simple task – it is not! You need a skilled technician with all the right tools and equipment to ensure that not only is the gas-filled, but he fixes all the leakages as well.

He will carry out a thorough check-up of the air filters and cables to see if they are faulty or not. He will also check the compressor for any damages or leakages. If he finds any leakage, he will fix it before refilling the gas.

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The technician will then carry out the following steps to fill up the gas:

  • First, he will locate the suction line and the discharge line in the outdoor unit of the aircon. The suction line is used for refilling the gas in the aircon.
  • Then, he will unscrew the bolt of the suction line and connect the aircon’s manifold gauge to it.
  • Next, he will connect the hose of the refrigerant tank to the manifold gauge before pumping air into it.
  • The technician will turn on the aircon and wait for its compressor to start.
  • Once the compressor starts, the technician will open the tank’s valve for 4 seconds and close it for the next 2 seconds. This ensures that the gas will be pumped slowly into the compressor. Otherwise, the compressor can get damaged if the gas is released all at once.
  • The technician will check the pressure until the desired value is achieved. At this point, the manifold valve and the refrigerant tank knob will be closed.
  • The technician will remove the hose from the suction line and screw back its knob.

Once everything has been checked and the gas topped up, the technician will troubleshoot the aircon to see if it is working efficiently.

Why Should You Hire Us For Gas Topping Up

Aircon gas top-up is not about just buying a can of compressed gas and filling your aircon unit with it. It is a lot more than that. You need to know the correct refrigerator variant and have the proper tools while considering a few other factors.

In addition, you need some knowledge and skills to detect and fix leakages. Considering that the aircon gas is entirely colourless and odourless, It will not be easy.Therefore, please let us handle the gas top-up and repair works.

At LKbrothers, we take pride in finding out the root cause for you. We also provide aircon servicing, repair, maintenance, and chemical wash, providing a myriad of aircon services for you. We have years of experience in this industry and are equipped with the knowledge of the best methods to deal with complicated problems & scenarios.


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