Aircon Chemical Wash

If you are experiencing leakage or a foul smell in your air conditioning system, it’s a sign of some significant damage. It usually occurs due to a damaged part, which means high chances of mold in the cooling system.

We have highly skilled experts, trained to deal with even the most difficult tasks. In such cases, we may recommend aircon chemical washing.

Do you get your aircon servicing regularly but still experience odor and efficiency issue? If yes, maybe it’s time you step up in the cleaning process and go for a chemical wash. Chemical washing can keep your aircon efficient, functional and clean for a long time, and is generally more in-depth compared to usual aircon cleaning.

What Is Aircon Chemical Washing

Aircon chemical wash is somewhat similar to the traditional soap and water cleaning process, except for the fact that its lot more in-depth and require specialized skills. This is not to be confused with aircon chemical overhaul.

Here, we use specially composed chemical instead of the regular cleansers for deep cleansing of the air conditioning system.

The high penetration levels of these special chemicals help to dissolve even the most stubborn accumulation and clean them easily. On the plus side, these chemical can get into the smallest of parts with ease.

Simply put, aircon chemical overhaul is the quickest and the safest way to remove all the harmful substance from your cooling system.

Aircon Chemical Wash Pricing

At LK Bothers we value our clients’ convenience and comfort more than anything. We try to keep all our tools and methods as per the latest market and aircon trend.  Check out our aircon chemical wash prices below.

Nos. of Air-cond Unit 1 Time Service
1 Fan-coil $ 80
2 Fan-coil $ 150
3 Fan-coil $ 210
4 Fan-coil & above $ 65 per unit
  • For 5 fan-coil units & above, please contact us for quotation.
  • Inspection of the air-conditioner problem under our maintenance contract will be FREE of charge.
  • We provide a warranty of 90 days

Our Aircon Chemical Wash Process

Any air conditioning or temperature controlling system consists of different parts like condenser, supply pipes, fins, filters, coolant and many more.

The integrated working of all these parts is what makes the system complete and decided its efficiency. Therefore, you can’t expect the air conditioner to work correctly by considering and cleaning only one part of it. You need to take care of all the parts, the entire system as a whole.

Like every aircon chemical cleaning firm in Singapore, we also divide this process into different steps, starting with disassembling of the aircon system. Have a look at the various things that we do during the chemical cleaning of your air conditioner.

    • Cleaning of the indoor drainage tray
    • Vacuuming of the drainage system
    • Purification of air filter front panel and cover
    • Inspection of electrical contacts
    • Regulating suction and discharge pressure
    • Cleaning of accumulated coils and pipes
    • Lubrication of mechanical components

Our aircon chemical cleaning teams also check the system for any leakage and error during the chemical cleaning process. We will also monitor the refrigerant levels and fill the reservoir, if necessary.

We can chemically wash even the most stubborn dust or dirt particles that are too difficult to clean by normal methods. These chemical are also an ideal remedy to deal with the bacteria and mold that is growing in the cooling unit.

Further, we are here for both residential and commercial cooling system, chemical cleaning jobs. Therefore, you can rely on us for personalized cleaning that suits your requirement and doesn’t compromise your comfort.

Why Should You Go For Aircon Chemical Wash?

If you live in more polluted areas or use the air conditioner for an extended period (say 8-10 hours per day), your system will need more frequent cleaning. Even with normal, on-the-surface type aircon cleaning, you may end up with a highly accumulated cooling system.

After a specific stage, the standard cleaning solutions will not even make a difference to this dirt deposits. At this point, a chemical wash of the aircon is your only option. Some of its other benefits are:

Increased Air Quality

The air around your home contains a wide variety of harmful constituents like dust, moisture and more. These particles enter the system and stick with its component, forming an ideal breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and molds.

These microbes grow in the system and soon start to influence the indoor air, making you sick and unhealthy.

However, chemical washing can eliminate any such possibility. It’s not a permanent remedy, but with the methods and products we use, you won’t face any problem for quite a long time.

Extends Lifespan Of The Aircon

During the chemical cleaning process, we remove all the blockages for the system and lubricate all the mechanical parts. We will also take care of the electrical thermostat and contact. All these factors together reduce the strain on the components of the cooling system.

These reduced “obstacles” facilitate the smooth running of the condensation cycle and eliminate any possible cause of damages.

Eliminate Performance Issue

Chemical overhaul deals with almost all the problem that can lower your system’s efficiency. Here’s how:

    • By cleaning filters for a better and smooth air flow
    • Maintains an adequate refrigerant level necessary for a proper cooling cycle
    • Eliminates the possibility of odor and system failure
    • Reduces the risk of clogging and water leakage
    • Banish the possibility of air or coolant leakages
    • Facilitates the smooth motor operation
    • Prevents coil freezing issues

All of these factors together reduce every chance of failure in evaporator, condenser or heat exchangers.

Reducing Potential Problems

The primary part of chemical cleaning is the disassembling of the whole system. We then clean the system and also check for deformation and other symptoms of damages. If there is any possibility of damage, we will repair or replace the part.

In short, we will deal with the minor problems before they can grow to a large scale and cause the cooling system to fail.

Savings Long-Term

You may think aircon chemical wash prices are higher than normal cleaning, but it’s actually a money-saving process. Have a look at the factor making it a great asset to decrease your investment.

    • The aircon system is working more efficiently which mean no wastage of electricity.
    • You don’t have the risk of costly damages.
    • There is no air or coolant leakage in the system so that you won’t need frequent refilling.
    • Improved air quality reduces health problem and medical charges.
    • The system is working efficiently, so you don’t have to invest in replacing it for an extended period.