Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Thorough cleaning and reconditioning of the air-conditioner can help restore and improve its performance.

After several cycles of aircon servicing and chemical cleaning, a chemical overhaul can help increase your aircon system’s lifespan notably.
Occasionally, accumulating dirt particles that are uncleared for too long can be too stubborn and hard to remove. We employ an aircon chemical overhaul for situations like this where a regular aircon cleaning is not enough.

What Is an Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

An aircon chemical overhaul is an in-depth, thoroughly cleans and reconditions of the air-conditioner. It helps to restore and improve its performance.

Our professional contractors will dismantle the unit, clean each part individually with special chemicals, remove the pathogen deposits and then reassemble the system with uttermost care for the chemical overhaul process.

Furthermore, our team will address problems, like insufficient lubrication, accumulated evaporator coil, and water leakages. Aircon chemical overhaul thoroughly removes and cleans all traces of foul odours, dirt, & bacteria.

Our Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price

We provide aircon chemical overhaul services, regular aircon servicing and aircon chemical wash.

Check out our chemical wash prices below:

Nos. of Aircon Unit 1 Time Service
1 Fan-coil $ 140
2 Fan-coil $ 260
3 Fan-coil & above $ 120 per unit
  • Please contact us for a quotation to clean more than 4 fan-coils and above.
  • Inspection of air-conditioner problem under our maintenance contract will be FREE of charge.
  • We provide a warranty of 90 days

Why Do Aircon Units Need Chemical Overhaul?

A chemical overhaul is mainly recommended for air conditioners that have been continuously used but without maintenance. Under normal circumstances, those units will likely have a problem with water leakage, uneven airflow from the blower, or a mouldy or unpleasant smell when turned on.

In general, a chemical overhaul help to deal with the following issues:

    • Blockage of the vents due to accumulation of dust particles or other sediments
    • Severe damage to the evaporator coils
    • Fan bearings not working properly
    • Faulty or damaged air filters
    • Blockage of drainpipes causing water to overflow

The process aims to clean the air conditioning parts and machines that have not been cleaned for a long time. Therefore, the chemical overhaul process would require a keen and attentive eye for detail. It should not be confused with an aircon chemical wash.

What Is Included In Aircon Chemical Overhaul Servicing?

The aircon unit must first be dismantled from the wall and frame to ensure proper and thorough cleaning. Chemicals are then used to properly clean the air conditioner’s filters to ensure that the air expelled from the unit is clean and fresh.

This is important to prevent breathing problems and allergies associated with dirty air and dust particles accumulated in the conditioner.

The next step involves lubricating the fan bearings to ensure that the unit operates quietly without any noise.

If your air conditioner has a problem with water leakages, chemical cleaning is carried out on the drainage system to curb this problem and stop the leakage.
During a chemical overhaul, the fan evaporator coil is chemically washed to remove the accumulated dust and dirt so that heat is adequately transferred within the air conditioner.

All these chemicals used in a chemical overhaul of the air conditioner ensure that the unit gives you cool air that is clean by breaking down all the accumulated dust particles and dirt sucked by the machine from outside.