Normal Servicing Vs Aircon Chemical Wash Vs Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Regular maintenance of your aircon is one of the most important aspects of owning an aircon which should never be overlooked. Over the course of time, dust and dirt build up on various parts of the air-conditioning system.

These not only affect the smooth working of the different parts of the aircon, but also compromise the quality of air that is blown inside the room. Dust and dirt particles, if blown inside the room, can cause allergies and breathing issues.

For this reason, it is highly advisable to do the regular maintenance and cleaning of your aircon system at least once a year. This should be done irrespective of whether you suspect a fault or problem in the aircon or not.

Once you want to do the cleaning of your aircon, you have various options to choose from. The normal cleaning of the filter and outer surfaces of the units could easily be done yourself every 1 to 2 months.

However, when it comes to an overall maintenance that do a complete overhaul of the system, you should seek professional services. The technicians are qualified and trained to carry out the complete process and look for any defects and consequently repair them. This ensures that the aircon performance is improved while also increasing the service life of the AC.

In professional servicing, there are three different options from which you can choose from: normal servicing, chemical wash or cleaning, and chemical overhaul. Each comes at a different price with different levels of cleaning and maintenance offered by each. Below, we will describe the difference between all these three kinds of professional cleaning and maintenance services.

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Normal Servicing

With usage of an air conditioner, dirt and dust buildup in various of its parts can result in choking or clogging of the system. A normal aircon servicing tries to unclog all these parts so that proper airflow is maintained.

This servicing involves cleaning the filter, drainage system, temperature and pressure gauges, condenser, and all the pipes. This cleaning is done without the use of any chemical. This cleaning is done without dismantling the units from the wall.

Although this type of cleaning essentially unclogs most of the system, it is still not as thorough as a chemical wash or chemical overhaul. Some problems might get overlooked during this kind of servicing which might show later in the future. Normal servicing is also relatively cheaper when compared with a chemical wash and a chemical overhaul.

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Aircon Chemical Wash

This is a much thorougher form of cleaning when compared with normal servicing. In normal servicing, only the outer parts of each unit is cleaned without dismantling any of its main parts.

This leaves room for error as most of the inner parts are not even in the reach of the technician to clean. On the contrary, in a chemical wash, every part of the aircon is cleaned using chemical reagents as the aircon is dismantled before this chemical wash process begins.

Parts such as the condenser, coils, fans, water trays, and air filters are dismantled and washed with a chemical-based solution. This targets all the inner areas which are easily missed in a normal servicing.

All kinds of dirt buildup and dust is washed away through this cleaning resulting in an increase in the aircon efficiency. A chemical-based solution is mixed up in which all the dismantled parts are submerged for some time.

The chemical reagents fight off the hard buildup of dirt and help in washing them off of the various parts. Once all the parts are clean, they are fixed back together. This process gives a new life to the aircon which is then able to function with full efficiency.

An aircon chemical wash helps in preventing mold as well as reduces corrosion. It improves the air conditioner efficiency and air quality. The chemical cleaning process should be done at least twice a year without any apparent reason for its requirement.

This will not only help in controlling the energy bills but keep the aircon working smoothly and normally for many years. In the absence of such cleaning, your aircon parts would be subject to more wear and tear over the years and could result in such a big fault that replacing it with a new one may be your only option left.

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Aircon Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul is done when you encounter some kind of problem with your aircon. It can be anything ranging from reduced cooling to the aircon not switching on in the first place. You will have to call a professional technician who would do a chemical overhaul and repair or replace the parts that have malfunctioned.

An aircon chemical overhaul is an essential process that you should immediately go for if you suspect a problem with the air-conditioning unit’s performance. Neglecting to do so might aggravate the problem further.

In the process of a chemical overhaul, the complete aircon is dismantled and each of its parts are removed and inspected. Faulty or damaged parts will be repaired or replaced. The other parts will be thoroughly cleaned with chemical reagents just like that of a chemical wash.

Water leakages from any part is then stopped through the process of chemical cleansing. All the fan bearings are then lubricated to ensure that they do not cause any noise and move smoothly. The fan evaporator coil is also cleaned with a chemical solution so that it can improve the aircon efficiency. The blocked vents are also cleaned to remove all the toxic buildup. This helps in keeping the blown air clean and pure.

The main difference between normal servicing, chemical cleaning, and chemical overhaul is that the first two are done as preventive measures whereas a chemical overhaul is done when you suspect some problem with the aircon performance or efficiency.

In the first two cases, your air conditioner might be working properly but you get the servicing or chemical cleaning done to prevent any big problem from arising in the near future and to maintain the air-conditioning’s performance.

However, chemical overhaul is done when there is already some problem with the aircon’s performance, its cooling is affected, or you hear some strange noise, or smell a foul odor coming from the aircon.

In the case of normal servicing or chemical wash, parts may not be repaired or replaced, whereas in the case of a chemical overhaul, almost always there is some form or repair or part replacement involvement.

Another difference is the price of these three cleaning processes. A chemical overhaul is the most thorough which also include repair and replacement costs, so it is the most expensive. A chemical wash is relatively cheaper than a chemical overhaul but more expensive than a normal servicing.

All these methods are different forms through which you can clean and maintain your aircon Depending on the severity of the problem, you might want to choose any of them. Each has its own cost and advantages. But one thing is for sure, paying for any of these services is still affordable in the long run as compared to a case when your aircon breaks down due to no maintenance and you have to replace it with a new one!

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