How to DIY Clean Aircon?

An air-conditioner is an essential part of one’s life in the summers. In the case of an inverter, it plays a vital role in the winters as well.

It is responsible for not only maintaining a comfortable temperature inside a room but also purifies the air to ensure that good quality fresh air is available for your use.

To ensure proper working of the aircon, it is essential that it is regularly cleaned and serviced. Otherwise, it will not only affect its efficiency but also affect the quality of air that is being blown inside the room. Poor air quality can exacerbate certain health conditions and regular cleaning can significantly improve indoor air quality.

When you want to clean or service your aircon, you can either do it yourself or call a professional to do the aircon servicing.

Each method has its pros and cons which are described in detail below. You can choose which option works best for you.

DIY Aircon Cleaning

When you want to clean your aircon or do regular maintenance, there are a few things you can do easily without any professional help. Doing them will ensure that your air conditioner’s efficiency is not compromised and will require minimum repairs in the future.

Cleaning The Filter

The filters in the indoor unit of the aircon need regular cleaning to ensure good efficiency. They should be cleaned at least once or twice a month depending on whether the aircon is used extensively or not.

The air filters can easily be removed from the aircon by opening the outer flap. Once removed, you can dust it or use a vacuum cleaner to get the excess dirt out.

After that, wash them with water and soap and put them out to dry. Once dried, insert them back in the unit and close the flap. If the filters seem worn out, it might be a good idea to replace them with new ones.

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Cleaning Other Parts Of The Air Conditioner

Apart from the filter, the other parts of the air conditioner also require regular cleaning and maintenance. When you clean the filters, it is a good idea to clean the indoor unit of the aircon as well.

You can easily do so by using a dry and damp cloth alternatively to remove all dirt buildup. The air outlets should be cleared to remove any blockage from dust. This type of cleaning should be done using only a damp cloth without the use of any harsh chemicals as they might damage the aircon.

The outer unit of the aircon should also be cleaned every couple of months to ensure its smooth running. Again try to clear any blockage in the pipes and drains. A vacuum can be used to remove dirt and dust from the various holes and grooves in the unit. A damp cloth can be used to clean the outer surface of the unit.

How to Check For Leaks And Fix Them?

If you notice any leak in the pipes during cleaning, you can easily fix them yourself if the crack is not too big. A duct tape can be used to seal the pipe to prevent any water from leaking in the walls or back towards the indoor unit.

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How Do You Clean An Aircon Blower?

How should you clean an air conditioner blower wheel?

A professional usually does this by removing the blower, disassembling it from the motor and getting it cleaned to its prime condition.

You can remove it if you know how to. If not, consider consulting or hiring a professional. LKBrothers provides regular cleaning packages for aircon units and compressors.

You can use an oxygenated household clean or dish detergent for this cleaning. Warm water will also be helpful in cleaning the fan rotors.

Once the blower is cleaned, your heating and cooling systems are less likely to face issues.

How to Clean Aircon Condensor?

A dirty condenser would reject enough heat and cause the system to run inefficiently. The higher condensing temperature and pressure would cause high compression ratios and place a heavy burden on your aircon’s electricity usage and power.

Your condenser might also get clogged over time, due to dirt and dust. If so, the heat will also start to accumulate in the condenser.

Condenser coils can be cleaned similar to fan rotors, with warm water and detergent in a spray bottle. Be sure to switch off the aircon unit and disconnect the power supply.

If your condenser is leaking after cleaning, it might be time for your to make a purchase of a new aircon unit. You might also want to consider aircon troubleshooting to find out the issue and extend of the damage.

Other Regular Maintenance

Regular aircon servicing and maintenance of the aircon is essential especially if it is an inverter and is used in summers as well as winters. The more an aircon works, the more it is subject to wear and tear which would require regular maintenance. Ideally, it should be cleaned once or twice a month.

The first step in this regard is to dismantle the unit of the aircon. The electrostatic filter can then be taken out and washed in water to remove any dust or dirt buildup.

An aircon also normally comprises a carbon filter which is responsible for purifying the air. There are certain sensors that notify you when the carbon filter needs to be replaced. Replacing it as soon as it breaks down also helps in maintaining the aircon’s efficiency.

Another maintenance which you can easily do at home is to clean the air ducts of the ventilation system if you have any. Regularing cleaning and checking on the ducts lets you keep them clean and crack free.

If you see any cracks or gaps during cleaning, you can easily fix them when they are still small instead of waiting for the time they get bigger and more difficult to repair.

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Get Regular Aircon Servicing Every 3-4 Months

Regular maintenance of your aircon on your part will help to keep it working smoothly for longer times but getting a professional to do the aircon’s servicing is also of importance.

The way a professional can service the aircon can never be achieved by doing it on your own. They are qualified to service and do proper maintenance of the air-conditioning so that it keeps working efficiently without breaking down completely.

Procedure of Professional Aircon Servicing

Although the exact procedure of how a company or professional carries out the servicing may be different, the general process remains the same. Ideally, the aircon installation should be inspected every 5 years, especially for inverters and heat pump installations.

This check has to be carried out by a trained professional who determines if any repairs are required or not. This also includes checking the tightness of the refrigerant circuit to verify that there are no leaks. The refrigerant is highly harmful for the environment if it gets leaked, so ensuring there are no leaks in it is of utmost significance. In case gas gets leaked, a gas top-up is sufficient to restore the level of gas to maximum efficiency.

This 5-yearly installation inspection should be paired with annual servicing by a trained professional. For this purpose, a good idea is to make an annual contract with a certified installer who can carry out annual servicing of your aircon to prevent any leaks and shut downs.

This servicing will mainly comprise the following steps:

  • Shutting off the power supply to ensure the safety of everyone working with the air conditioner.
  • The next step is cleaning the aircon filter or replacing it with a new one if it is no longer in a workable condition
  • Then the professional will clean the condenser and remove any dirt, leaves, or other substances that might have gotten stuck in the outer unit.
  • The next step is the levelling of the outer unit of the air conditioner. If it is not levelled properly, it will harm the aircon’s motor and compressor which may affect its efficiency in the future.
  • The next steps would be to thoroughly clean the inner and outer units with all the specific tools and chemicals that they have. This can help them detect any issue much earlier and repair/replace it to ensure smooth running.
  • If such methods doesn’t yield a clean aircon, the professional may need to provide chemical washing or chemical overhaul services to thoroughly clean the system.

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Although professional aircon servicing might come at a cost, it is still affordable in the longer run. By paying yearly for these professional services, you prevent any bigger problems that might have arisen in the absence of servicing.

That bigger problem would cost you much more when compared with the servicing cost. The smaller issues which can easily be fixed in the professional servicing also cost you extra in the form of higher electricity bills.

Therefore, it is better to invest in yearly professional aircon servicing along with a little cleaning and maintenance every month or twice a month by yourself.