Guide to Common Aircon System Problems

The recent studies on climate and temperature have found that 18 of the 19 warmest years of the world have occurred since 2001, this is precisely what will happen if you don’t take care of your air-conditioning unit.

According to the Meteorological Services Singapore, December 2018 was the second warmest December in Singapore with a temperature of 27.6degree Celsius.

One of the ways to deal with this rising environmental heat is a well-maintained aircon system. This device takes hot air from the surrounding and regulates its temperature to a level that is suitable for you. It also manages the humidity, pollution and proper air flow of your home and offices.

However, over time an aircon parts will get affected by the harsh outside temperature. Pollutants also gets accumulated at various spots and may even damage the aircon unit.

In such a condition, you must contact experts for a thorough cleaning and aircon servicing.  We can help you to eliminate all of the following problems.

The Unit Fails To Start

The most crucial part of an air conditioning system is its power source. LK Brothers check the wiring for any sign of burning. If the wires are fine, we move on to the circuit breaker unit, which sometimes turns off due to a sudden power imbalance. The switch will stay at the position if there is no further power imbalance.

However, if the breaker keeps on tripping, it is a sign of a more significant problem. Tripping may happen due to a broken circuit breaker, blocked air vents, leakage, short circuit and more.  Our team immediately will use tools to find the central cause of the problem and fix it.  

Our expertise as a professional aircon repair and servicing firm in Singapore allows us to analyze the system very quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s the coil accumulation, dirty filter or a blocked vent, we will repair them in no time.

Weird Cooling Patterns

An aircon unit that consumes a considerable sum of power but still does not provide adequate temperature control is not normal.

We have come across a lot of cases where the customer complains about sudden rise and drops in temperature.

This uneven cooling harms your health and causes permanent malfunctioning of the whole unit. Therefore, let us know about this problem as soon as you encounter it. 

Our team will reach your place and conduct a full-scale inspection of the system. We will check its filters, coils, coolant reservoir, ducts, and all other parts to find the damage source.

We can help you in aircon normal cleaning, motors lubrication, condenser coil cleaning, clogging removals and other kinds of services.

Furthermore, we as a leading aircon servicing company in Singapore, pay special attention to external causes. We check sun exposure of your placement of the indoor unit, uneven heat sources in your place, airflow around thermostat sensor and all the other agents that can cause a temperature problem.

No Cooling At All

Are you in a situation where the air conditioning unit is fully functional, but its cooling is almost zero? If yes, it may be due to one of the following problems in your aircon system.


This small apparatus is a type of switch which regulates the temperature of the aircon. Any change in this switch will prevent the free flow of coolant which means, minimal or no cooling.

Now, in a programmable thermostat, the issue may arise due to dirt deposit on the measuring probe, temperature setting, coding error, calibration error or a drained battery.

We are ready for all of these. Our team checks the thermostat for failure, reset its setting, reprogram it, and if necessary even replaces it. We can also help you with thermostat battery issues. We have stock of spare batteries for all models and brands of aircon systems.

Reduced Coolant

Every air conditioning or refrigeration system uses a coolant for exchanging heat in and out of the system. However with time and continuous use, the coolant content decrease, hence the cooling factor depletes. In some cases, a small proportion of moisture in the refrigerant tubes can also lead to this problem.

The only option for dealing with this problem is with the help of a professional aircon servicing company like LK Brothers. Our team refills the coolant reservoir and also checks for other faults in the track.

We have some of the latest electronic as well as halide leak detector along with some other common apparatus like fluorescent dyes, for the job.  We also have powerful pumps and solution for removing clogging in coolant tubes.

If need to, we can provide aircon gas topping or troubleshoot to find the problems with your system.

Blocked Filters

When the air flows through the aircon system, it carries some dust particles and bacteria with it. There are various filters at different stages of the system which prevent these particles from reaching into your house.

Over time, the deposit of these impurities blocks the screen and stops airflow, resulting in no cooling effect. It is also a potential cause of overstrained and burned cooling system. We recommend that you should get the filters cleaned and replaced in every few months.

Our experts can also help you with intense or chemical cleaning of these filters for better results. Let us know about the issue, and we will be there with the best possible solution for it.

Bend Fins

The tubes which carry the coolant pass through a set of metallic fins. These fins help to absorb the heat and facilitate the process of cooling the liquid refrigerant vapors. However, the fins often get bend and crippled, even with mild force during washing or cleaning them.

Fortunately, these fins are pretty easy to fix. You can do the straightening with a fin-comb or a buttering knife. However, we would suggest that you call us for this work. The fins are too delicate and need very precise handling. You may actually bend fins while trying to straighten them.

Our teams, on the other hand, have years of experience in aircon servicing. Our teams are well trained to handle the delicate system. We have learned some unique techniques that let us straighten the fins without exerting any excessive force.

Dripping Fluids

The refrigerant in your aircon system is free from water, and there is no additional storage or water inlet. However, there is still a condensation cycle that can lead to water leakages.

The system has a dedicated evaporation unit that cools down the warm air, but in doing so, it also condenses the moisture in the air. This accumulated water drops to a pan and then travels out of the system through a drainage pipe.

However, with usage, dirt, dust, sludge, and mold block, the drainage pipe and lead to water deposit inside the system. Other factors for this clogging includes rusty or damaged drain pan, broken condenser pump, and dirty air filter.

We get rid of the problem to some extent by removing the collected water with a cloth or pump. Once the pan is clear, we use some tools to check its tubes and clear the clogged areas.

Extra Noisy Operation

A lot of components interact with each other to form a single aircon unit. There are bearings, motors, fasteners, tubes, joints, fans, shafts, and many more.

All these components are under some stress and strain whenever the unit starts, runs and stops. At some point, they get unbalanced or break, which leads to unusual sounds. Here is our list of most common sound problems and the causing agents.

Damaged Fan Or Blower Wheel

An average aircon unit consists of two fans, one for sucking air from the environment and the second one for cooling the condensing unit. Any bending or dirt deposit can unbalance the fan, causing it to strike against the housing. A foreign body such as a leaf can also contribute to the noise.

For dealing with the fan, we open the unit’s cover clean, remove the fan, and take the necessary action according to the cause. If it’s a deposit, we clean it, and if it’s damaged, we replace it.

Worn Bearings

Bearings are an excellent tool for preventing frictional damaged of rotating shafts and a stationary object or housing. However, the bearing depletes over time, especially in the cage style blower wheel. The abrasion, vibration, and rotation generated by the shaft and the force generated by the housing deplete its metal.

Finally, there comes a stage when the bearing starts sticking which creates a sharp sound while moving.

In this case, we replace the bearing as soon as possible. We need quick action for this repair because the rough movement of bearing generates extra load on the motor. We have seen a lot of aircon motors burning due to this extra load.

If you suspect this issue to be the cause of the problem, you can ask us for aircon troubleshooting services.

Defective motor

The aircon system consists of electric motors, which are prone to frictional and thermal wearing. Even the electric motors that are free from moisture, dirt and other foreign bodies, will get damaged over time.

The continuous working time and heat affect its bushes and bearing.  In this case, the noise is alarming, as if someone is scratching on a chalkboard. The lack of a lubricating layer can also cause this sound.

If you are hearing such sounds, contact us. We have high-quality lubricants and some spare parts that can help you to solve the problem. Don’t try to fix the motor by yourself, because any mistake, in this case, would result in short circuit or burning of the whole unit.

We have gone through intense training to earn the expertise for handling this kind of repairs without causing further damages.

Fasteners And Holders

It’s pretty obvious that the aircon unit will need some strong bolts and clamps to hold all the components together. However, these fasteners have to undergo vibrations, temperature, and other forces which turn them weak over time. They start to break or become lose which further adds to the vibration intensity.

It’s not like the unit will crash on the floor on the very first day, but it will start to make noise and have decreased efficiency. At this stage, we prefer to replace its hubs and tighten its fasteners.

We start the work by checking the various fastener and shortlisting the once that are worn beyond limits. Our teams then make show you a full report of the repairing required, and once you approve it, we replace all the faulty parts.

Moreover, we also inspect the system for any excessive vibration or unbalanced movement that can harm the fastener, and eliminate them.

Awful Odor In The Air Flow

The smelling air flow of your aircon is a clear indication that the unit needs cleaning. With time, the mildew molds and many other bacteria settle down in the vents and start to reproduce which causes this problem. Clogging drain pan, liquid leaks and condensation of refrigeration coil may also contribute to the cause. 

The worst part of this defect is that it has a very severe effect on human health, especially the ones with respiration diseases. These mold spores travel from the duct to their lungs making them very sick.

The only way to avoid all these problems is a professional aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul, and we can provide it to you. Our team cleans the system, disinfect it and even deodorize it. We also offer chemical washes for aircon systems with high accumulation.

Read more about the difference between aircon chemical wash and overhaul

Motor Does Not Starts

Like any other electro-mechanical system, the motors of aircon systems also come with capacitors. The small energy reservoir cell stabilizes the input voltage, regulate the pulse, and most of all provide a jump start to the motors. It is an essential part of the compressor motor, blower motor, and even the outdoor fan motor. 

Therefore, if one or two of them stop working while the remaining does their job correctly, the capacitor is the problem causer.

In this case, we use a meter to find the potential difference between the terminals of the capacitor. We also scan for physical damages such as splitting, leaking or bulging. Once we are sure of the problem, our team will fix the problem or replace the cell with a new one according to the damage.

Moreover, never try to handle the capacitor on your own. The capacitor stores current, enough for you to feel it even when the main switch is off.

Final Words

These are just a few of the problem; there are other non-common problems that you may come across.

However, before you run into trouble with the cooling system and start to blame it for everything, have a look around your place. Sometimes the customers call us for aircon repair while there is nothing wrong with the system. Instead, there is a leakage in the house or an external heating agent that’s causing the problem.  

In such cases, we usually use some incense sticks to find the air leaks, cover the window or roof glasses and make some changes to thermostat placement for improving the aircon system’s efficiency.

Whatever the problem with your aircon system,  you can always trust our services.