Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What should i do if my air-conditioner’s temperature is not cold?

• Maybe your air-conditioner’s set mode is not under cooling mode.

• Indoor fan-coil is dirty resulting in weak discharge of cool air.

• Outdoor condenser is dirty resulting in overheating of compressor.

• Maybe is the air filter has blocked, so please ensure to clean it regularly.

• May not be enough refrigerant in the aircon system.

Why is my air-conditioner leaking water?

Clogging of the drain pipe could be the reason behind water leakage through the unit. Over time as increasing amount of dust in the air is drawn into the unit. It leads to the dust and water coming together forming sticky dirt that can clog the drain pipe. That will lead to the condensation leaking out.

What can i do if my air-conditioner is not working?

• Maybe wiring or Pcb board problem. 
• Most common causes of failure is may someone has switched off the power supply. So check on the fuses circuit breakers and isolators are all OK and working.

Why air-conditioner have smelly?

This could be due to the smell of cigarettes odours or other air pollution being absorbed into the unit and thus discharge with the air flow. In this case, lkbrothers recommend doing chemical overhaul service to solve this problem.

What is chemical cleaning and why air-conditioner need it?

• A general service is only to maintaining the current condition of the air-conditioner so chemical cleaning is can to be improve the condition of air-conditioner, that is why chemical cleaning is necessary. Chemical flush is a very thorough way of cleaning the air conditioner.
• We offers a comprehensive air-con chemical wash service designed to restore your air-conditioner to pristine, brand new condition. Keep your air-conditioning unit in peak condition with lkbrothers’s chemical wash and guarantee you can feel the difference in performance of your air-conditioner.

What are the benefits of air-conditioned services?

• having a regular services can give well maintaining for your air-conditioner, at the same time the air-conditioner can perform at its optimum potential resulting in a cooler environment for you. Normally user will wait for the air-conditioner system breakdown only will look for the solution so regular service is to give maintenance of your air-conditioner.
• Power Efficient playing the important role of the air-conditioner system is also the power consumption. With a regular air-conditioner services, you can be rest assured that the air-conditioner will consume less power. 
• Will ensure that water leakage are monitored and fixed. 
• Constant maintenance will ensure that your air-conditioner is performing well and results in fewer charges that are incurred for an one-time fix of broken down air-conditioner systems. lkbrothers’s services come with professional knowledge of these systems so you can have the best recommendations.

Can i service the air-conditioner myself?

Yes, you can doing some simple maintenance of your own suck as clean the fan-coil cover and wash the air filter. However, it is advisable to engage qualified service technicians as they have the proper tools & equipment to service the air-conditioner check the safety circuits, refrigerant pressure and also vacuum the drainage pipe.

Why does the air-conditioner switch on/off itself and the indicator light keep blinking?

It could be due to a defective electronic circuit board. Hence there is a need to diagnose and repair the fault. It is best to consult our specialists for further assistance.

What is the optimal air-conditioner temperature to be set?

Generally, 25oC26oC is optimum. A mere 1oC increase can raise your operating cost up by 15%.

How frequent should I service my air-conditioner unit?

For advice is good to have 3 or 4 times per year and every month maintenance service for office and commercial units. However, this period will diffs according to the amount of usage.

What type of air con services do your company provide?

We provide a full range of air con service. The following are the list of our services:
• Air-conditioner servicing
• Regular contract maintenance
• Chemical cleaning / Chemical overhaul
• Installation of air conditioning system
• Air-conditioner repair
• Evaluate and advice

What happen will cause If I Do Not Go For Regular Air-conditioning Service?

• Air-conditioning service is essential for the efficient use of your air-conditioner and therefore when you do not opt for any air-conditioning service the additional expenses is rather huge when there is a breakdown of the system. That would also affect the life span and performance of your air-conditioning system.
• The coolness decreases with the continual usage of an air-conditioner for many months and years at a stretch. Your air-conditioner may also have water leakage issues because of choke up in the drainage system which will lead to more consumption of electricity in the future. Your air-conditioner will also have frequent mechanical faults that will increase your air-conditioner repair expenditure. A regular air-conditioning service is thus highly recommended.