Effect of Dirt In Your Aircon System

In Singapore, summer is all year long. Most probably, your home is both hot and humid.

Air-conditioning systems have provided us an effective way of achieving comfortable indoor temperature easily, but they still machines and need regular care and maintenance.

It requires periodic cleaning and repairing to ensure a smooth working cycle. Without this regular servicing, the system gets damaged and will eventually shut down completely.

Let’s have a closer look at the damages that occur in your aircon system, and the maintenance task we need do to cure them.

Damages That May Occur In Your Aircon System

The aircon system works on the principle of the vapor compression cycle and uses 5-components for its cooling. Have a look at the working of each of these units along with the damaged that occur to them.


The cycle starts with a compressor. This part comes with a setup that compresses the vapors to the required temperature and pressure. The coolant that comes out of the compressor is low on volume but is high on the temperature, which helps to speed up heat exchange speed.

The cases of damage in this part are very rare. They are packed and have no place for external agents to enter it. However, the only damage cases that we have encountered with this unit are cracks or failing internals parts.

In both these case, we have to replace either the housing or the whole compressing unit. In this case you may have to engage an aircon repair company like us to solve this problem.


The next phase in the aircon cycle is the condensation unit. The condenser unit is the part where the low volume, high-temperature aircon gas loses its heat energy and becomes cold.  These parts consist of coiled copper of aluminum tubes that are covered by a set of radiating fins.

It also has a blower fan to boost the refrigerant cooling process. The condenser is also the part that is responsible for converting the refrigerant into liquid form.

The condenser is the first part that we inspect during a normal cleaning routine. We have noticed that the condenser coil and fins often get covered with dirt that restricts its airflow. the accumulation usually cause problems like low efficiency, burned aircon and freezing issues.

Therefore, we use advanced solutions to wipe dirt from tubes and then use some tools to straighten the fins. Our team then implements chemical washing processes to disinfect and deep clean the unit, if required.

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The cold liquid refrigerant needs some time to absorb the heat of the body and something to regulate the temperature. An expansion valve does this work. It adjusts the opening of the tube so that only the required amount of refrigerant passes and with slow speed.

The expansion is a type of button which regulates the flow of refrigerant. It does not have much internal interference, so it does not have any direct effect on the working cycle. However, we have seen situations when the dirt collections stick to the button and make it difficult to adjust. 

Therefore, we do not ignore this part and clean it every time we are there to service your aircon system. If you have an electronic expansion valve, we can reset it, reprogram it and even replace it.


The evaporator is very identical to the condensing unit. The only difference is that this unit adds heat to the refrigerant. In this aircon part, there is a blower fan which produces air, which then absorbs energy from the evaporator coil, becomes cold and then gets circulated in the whole indoors. After this stage, the refrigerant again gets converted into vapors and passes to the compressor.  

If there is any accumulation in this part, the air quality of your home will decrease. In our experience of providing aircon servicing in Singapore, we have seen cases when the filth inside the evaporator turns the aircon system to a mold breeding ground, causing smelling and clogging problems.

We advise our clients that they should get this part cleaned and repaired after every few months. We also suggest them to get its filter replaced at least once in six months. In case the filth inside the evaporator unit is too much; we also provide chemical cleaning to deal with it and in severe cases, chemical overhaul.


It’s pretty clear from the working of the aircon that refrigerant is the part which absorbs indoor heat and carrier it for ejection. Even fully functional compressor, condenser, valves, and evaporator turns to nothing if your refrigerant is not efficient in absorbing and dispersing heat.

In fact, even a slight decrement in quantity can have severe effects on the whole aircon system. Have a look at what happens when its quantity decreases. In such cases, you’ll need to engage an aircon gas top up service.

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Poor Temperature Control

All the air conditioner needs a specific refrigerant pressure for working and temperature controlling. If it doesn’t get adequate coolant, the amount of heat it absorbs from the indoor will decrease.

Its efficiency will reduce, and you will end up with an aircon system that keeps running for hours without any effect on the indoor temperature.

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No Humidity Control

The compressor design and type of an aircon depends on the volume of vapors it receives and liquid it will dispense. In the refrigerator deficient condition, the compressor will not have adequate vapor pressure and will not deliver the temperature and volume required for the condensation cycle. 

As a result, the heat exchanger of the system will face a temperature in balance. It affects the condensation of water in the evaporator section and increases the moisture level in the aircon and its airflow.  

If you don’t call for professional help at this stage, you may soon see frosting on the coils and housing of the aircon system.

Complete System Failure

When the volume of refrigerant in your aircon system decreases beyond a safety point, the cooling system undergoes uneven stress. Therefore, your aircon system starts to consume more power which soon leads to complete cooling system failure. In these scenarios, we recommend that you turn off the aircon system and let us fill its coolant.

Ignoring the aircon system during this stage will lead you to long term damages and sometimes a completely shut aircon system. 

Moreover, the lack of aircon maintenance and servicing will also contribute to health damages.

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Severe Environmental Effects of Unclean Aircon And Refrigerant Leakages

The pollutant inside your air conditioner makes it very vulnerable to molds depositing and breeding. These molds reproduce and in no time grow to a scale where they fill the whole airflow of your aircon unit. They are also a leading contributor for smelly aircon systems and unhealthy indoor environment.

Another worst thing about a filthy and non-serviced aircon system is that it hides the symptoms of leaking refrigerant which is very harmful to the environment. In gaseous form, it enters the human body and causes problems like nausea, headaches, and sometimes asphyxiation.

In liquid form, this refrigerant can penetrate the deep layers of soil and pollutes the underground water. From here it gets absorbed by the plant roots, which are an energy source for a majority of animals, including humans.

Fortunately, you can prevent all these problems if you engage a professional. Our team has some advanced tools that can determine the level of the coolant and find the reason for its depletion. We can also help you to remove clogging in the coolant tubes and repair their leakages. Moreover, we can provide you with gas top up of both R22 and R410 refrigerants.

Taking Care Of The Aircon Unit

No matter which model brand or type of aircon system you choose, it will always require proper care. As the top aircon servicing company in Singapore, we can provide you with almost all that you need for your aircon system.

Have a look at the aircon services we offer: 

Regular cleaning

The normal cleaning process is a very basic cleaning job that you will need in every few months. It is essential for removing the dirt and pollutant that accumulate on the various parts of your aircon system.

In this process, we wipe out all the components of the aircon system and use some special solution to clean them. Our team also vacuums the water from drainage pan, clean the filters and disinfect the cooling unit.

After cleaning the whole aircon system, we check copper tubes, fins, blowers and other parts for signs of wear or other damages. The inspection helps us to determine the possibility of future problems and eliminate them before they damage your aircon system. 

With the years of experience and intense training, we have developed convenient ways to eliminate each particle of dirt. Regular cleaning by our teams ensures that your aircon can run smoothly for a long time without any issue.

Deep cleaning

If you live in an area with too much dirt or use air-conditioner for long durations or haven’t cleaned it for a long time, the standard cleaners will not affect its dirt collection. You will need a deep clean or chemical washing to clean it.

We usually use unique cleaning solutions with deep penetration but low degradation effect.

We dismantle each component to clean it with chemical wash and then reassemble it. Our team also makes sure to check the fins for accumulation and remove clogging. Our chemical cleaning processes are also an excellent option for eliminating bacteria collection and foul smell from the cooling system.

Moreover, we don’t just stick with cleaning and dirt removal. Our team also inspects your aircon system for lubrication, unbalanced parts, loose parts, and more. We ensure that once we are done with your aircon system, you can run it for months without any worry. Moreover, you can enjoy the warranty coverage for 90-days our team provide with every servicing.

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Routine Repair

The modern air conditioners have plenty of small parts that work together for efficient cooling of your place. However, each of these components gets damaged over time and need replacement. You have to make sure that you get these parts repaired or replaced at the correct time. The standard issue that we fix during this process includes

  • Replacement of air filters
  • Cleaning of coils
  • Removing clogging and eliminate waterlogging
  • Treating frozen coils
  • Cleaning and straightening fins
  • Motor and mechanical part lubrication
  • Fix noisy parts

Aircon Gas Topup

The refrigerant in your cooling system is very pressurized and tend to escape from even a small rupture in the copper tube. It is completely colorless and odorless; you won’t see it getting out of the system. Even if there is no damage, the gas will get depleted with usage and time.

Therefore, at some stage, you will need a refill or in technical language aircon gas top up. In this process, we use some tools like a halogen stick, dyes, advanced detector and more to find the leakage in the refrigerant tube and then fix that point.

After fixing the cause of refrigerant depletion, we use a pressurized can of refrigerant to refill your system with required volumes of aircon gas.

The top-up also come in handy during installing or reinstalling of an aircon unit. You will have to fill more gas according to the distance between the outdoor and the indoor unit.

Moreover, we can provide your top up for both R410A and R22 that too at a very low price. We cost $40-$120 for R22 and $60-$150 for R410A.


Air-conditioning system is inseparable from us in this day and age. It protects us from the harsh weather and pollution, meanwhile increase your productivity as well as offer a lot of other benefits. The least you can do for it is to get it repaired and maintained regularly.

LK Brothers as the top aircon servicing firm in Singapore are always here to help you. Just let us know, and we will perform all type of aircon works. Therefore, give us a call whenever you see any issue in your aircon system. Even a minor problem can be an indication of more significant damage.