Different Types Of Aircon Installations And Things That Can Go Wrong During Installation

The hot and humid climate of Singapore makes aircons a necessity for everyone who can afford them. Even if someone does not have an air conditioner at their home, it is usually their priority to buy whenever they have the capacity.

After buying an aircon, its installation is the most important task that depends on various factors and which also determines if the aircon will continue to work at its maximum efficiency.

In this article, we will describe the different types of aircon options that one might have along with the process of how to install them. We will also discuss the most common problems that can be associated with improper aircon installation and consequently, the importance of ensuring a proper installation.

Types Of Aircons And Their Installation

When you want to buy an aircon, there can be many options for you to choose from. Of course, one of the factors that determine which aircon you select is the size and area of the room. Each aircon has a specific cooling capacity measured in British Thermal Unit (BTUs).

Depending on the size of the room in square foot and the amount of heat and sunlight it receives, you can establish a minimum BTU value requirement. The aircon which is supposed to be installed should then have at least that much BTU cooling capacity for it to cool the room effectively.

Once you know what BTU aircon you need, you can then choose the aircon from several options which are described below:

Room Air Conditioner

Room aircon is also known as a window AC. This aircon is a relatively older type that comprises just one unit. It has a high BTU cooling capacity and can cool almost any room very effectively. However, it also consumes a lot of energy that can make the electricity bills spike.

Its installation is a lengthy and difficult process. You have to install the aircon in an opening in the wall. First, the technician will tear the wall to make an opening of the same size as that of the AC. He will then install the aircon in this opening. After installation, he has to seal the edges to ensure proper insulation. You might have to paint the wall later on if it was damaged during the making of hole and installation. All these steps make it a technical as well as a time-consuming process.

Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler is a good choice for people living in dry climates. It uses water in its operation and adds moisture to the air that it blows. This moisture results in cooler air which, in turn, cools the room.

Central Air Conditioners

The central air conditioners are usually used in commercial areas or in homes where owners want the cooling to be centrally controlled and consistent. It comprises very elaborate ductwork in the walls and ceilings to ensure that the cooling evenly spread throughout the space. Its installation is, therefore, a long process that requires effort as well as skill.

Split Air Conditioners

These are the most common types of aircons that you will find in homes in Singapore. It comprises an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit consists of the main machinery of the aircon, including the compressor. The indoor unit is relatively small and makes very little noise.

Its installation is a skilful job but does not require tearing a hole in the wall as both the indoor and outdoor units are connected through a duct. You only need a small opening in the wall for these wires and ducts. The installation of a split aircon will further be discussed in detail in the upcoming sections.

Importance of Quality Aircon Installation

Correct installation of an aircon is very important as it plays a significant role in how well the aircon will function later on. Proper installation will cause the aircon to work smoothly without overheating or using more energy than required. This smooth working of the aircon will add to its longevity. You can rest assured that with proper maintenance and servicing, your AC will continue to function optimally for many years to come.

Aircon Installation: How Is It Done

When you buy a new aircon and want to install it, there are a few steps that are performed as part of the installation. These are described below:

  • The first step in the process of installation is to call a professional company who will send their skilled technicians with all the right tools and equipment to carry out the installation for you.
  • The technicians will then inspect the area where the aircon is to be installed. In the case of a split aircon, they will determine the location of the indoor unit as well as the outdoor unit. They will install the indoor unit at a location where it should ideally be 6-8 foot above the ground to maximize its performance. They will also consider the aircon proximity to the electrical socket.
  • The technician will also determine the location of the outdoor unit. Ideally, it should be at a shaded spot with lots of open space around it. The outdoor unit can be quite heavy, so he will choose a strong wall for mounting it.
  • If the outdoor unit is far away from the indoor unit, extra ducts and wires may be used to connect both the units.
  • The technician will then carry out the steps needed to install the aircon that is specific to that particular model and brand. These will usually be detailed in the instructions and installation manual.
  • Once he has mounted the indoor and outdoor units on the wall, the technician will insulate the AC so that the cold air cannot escape from any of the edges or cracks.
  • After insulation of the aircon completes, the technician will check for any leakages or any other apparent problem. If everything looks normal, he will turn on the aircon and check its performance for some time.
  • Once he is sure that everything is functioning correctly, his job will be finished.

Things That Can Go Wrong During Aircon Installation

There are some common mistakes that one should avoid during aircon installation that can adversely affect the aircon’s cooling capacity. Some of these are discussed below:

  • One of the most common things that can go wrong during aircon installation is choosing the wrong size as compared to the room. If the aircon capacity is too low as compared to the room size, it will not be able to cool the room properly and will cause the compressor to work non-stop. This non-stop working can make the compressor faulty and also increase electricity bills.
  • Another mistake that people usually make during installation is that they fail to secure the aircon with the proper necessary support. This can be very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Proper installation of the aircon will ensure that there are no leakages. If you do not level the aircon, it can result in water overflowing from the overflow pan and consequently, affecting the aircon cooling.
  • During installation, if you do not insulate the aircon effectively, it will not be able to cool the room. This will cause the aircon to work harder than usual, which will not only increase the energy consumption but will also cause the aircon parts to overheat and falter over time.
  • You should install an aircon at such a location where it does not have to bear the harsh weather conditions. For example, if the outer unit is placed in direct sunlight, it will have to work much harder as compared to the situation where it was placed in a shaded spot.
  • After installation, you should check the aircon for any refrigerant leakages. If left unchecked, the leaked refrigerant can considerably lower the aircon’s performance.

All the above-mentioned problems reflect the importance of correctly installing an aircon to ensure its best performance and efficiency. LK Brothers is a highly professional and qualified aircon service and repair company that can carry out the process of aircon installation for you. Their expert technicians will walk you through the complete process and be open to your suggestions to ensure that not only the work is done to the highest standards but you, as a client, are also satisfied with their efforts.