Common Aircon Problems and How To Fix Them

Running an air-conditioning unit in the hot tropical Singapore will take a toll on its lifespan and functionality. You may encounter some problems during the usage of your air conditioner.

Some of these problems may be small which could easily be fixed by yourselves, whereas for others you may want to call a professional to inspect the aircon and repair whatever the problem is.

Here, we will describe some of the common problematic situations you might encounter and show you how you can fix it yourself or you would have to call a technician to take a look at it.

Aircon Doesn’t Work At All

If your aircon stops working completely, it might be because of a small problem that you could fix yourself. You can check the following to see if that is what is causing the air conditioner to stop:

  • Check the unit’s circuit breaker. It might have turned off and you can simply turn it back on again to check if the aircon starts working or not.
  • If the circuit breaker is not the issue, then the thermostat could be checked to see if it is on the right settings.
  • If the aircon still does not work, check for the thermostat’s batteries. It might be that they are dead and need to be replaced.

If after following these steps, the aircon still does not start, then it is better to call a technician to get the aircon checked thoroughly.

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The Air Is Not Cool Enough

If your aircon is working but the air that it is blowing inside the room is not cold, there could be several issues that you should check. These different problems and their solutions are described below:

  • It could be due to a faulty or clogged air filter. If it is dirty, washing it thoroughly using special chemicals to remove any dirt buildup can improve the temperature of the air that the aircon blows. If it appears damaged, replacing it might be an option.
  • Check to see if the thermostat settings are correct. Setting the thermostat to a higher temperature will not blow very cold air. However, if the thermostat is set to a lower temperature and still the air is not cold, then there could be some other issue.
  • The next step could be to check for anything that might be obstructing the outer unit fan like leaves, bushes etc. Remove them to see if the aircon works better or not.
  • Then check for any leaks from the refrigerant which causes the refrigerant levels to lower in the reservoir. The copper lines that go in the condenser can be checked to see the refrigerant levels. If the levels are low, you will have to call a technician to repair it.
  • If the air of the unit feels cold but the general temperature of the room does not feel cold, it might be because of poor insulation or gaps in windows or doors. Improving the room’s insulation may help with improving the aircon performance.
  • If you have a ventilation system, gaps or cracks in the ducts may also lead to the aircon not performing well.

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Water Dripping From The Unit

If you notice water is leaking from any part of the inner or outer unit of the aircon, there could be a few probable causes. These are listed below:

  • Any blockage in the condenser line or the drainage pipe will cause water to drip from the inner unit of the aircon. If they appear to be clogged, you can use compressed air to clean out the blockage which will fix the problem of water leaking.
  • Another problem could be refrigerant leaking. This will, in turn, cause the coils to freeze up which will leak water and lower the aircon efficiency. A technician can repair this problem by cleaning the obstruction in the airflow and be refilling the refrigerant or gas.

Water Leaking From The Drainage Pipes

If the drainage pipes get clogged, it will cause water to leak inside the unit as well as the walls. If you notice that the walls around the aircon are showing signs of seepage, it may be because of the blocked drainage pipes. Cleaning them out and flushing all the debris from the pipe can result in fixing the problem of leakage.

Strange Noises Coming From The Aircon

If your aircon suddenly starts making strange noises, it could be due to a bigger problem which should immediately be checked. A few scenarios which can lead to the aircon strange noises are described below:

  • If you hear a screeching noise, it might be coming from the blower motor. Either it needs to be lubricated or its belt might need to be replaced. Keeping the unit running continuously in the presence of such a noise can lead to the motor crashing.
  • If the noise you hear resembles that of rattling or banging, it could be because of a problem with the motor or fan assembly. Again, keeping the aircon running in such a situation can further aggravate the problem. The aircon should immediately be shut down and get inspected by a professional.
  • If the noise seems to be coming from the blades of the fan or blower, there might be something stuck between them. Removing the outer cover and inspecting the fan blades for any obstruction can fix this issue.
  • When you hear the noise only when the compressor turns on, it can signal a problem with the relay or a failing motor. The aircon should be inspected by a technician to identify the issue and fix it.

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Problem With Fuses And Capacitors

If you notice a drop in the aircon unit’s cooling, it can be because of capacitor issues. If the capacitor wears out, it won’t be able to send signals to the motor to start and keep working. This problem can be solved by replacing the capacitor.

Another problem is that the motor dies. This could signal another problem with the fuse. The job of the fuse is to prevent the motor and compressor from overheating.

If the motor dies, this means that the fuse had become faulty and was not able to stop the motor from overheating. Replacing the fuse with a new one will prevent any future similar issues.

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Your Aircon Sometimes Cools Fine, Whereas, At Other Times Doesn’t

If your aircon works perfectly some of the times whereas at other times, it doesn’t provide the proper cooling, it could be because of a problem with coolant leakage. When it gets leaked into the system, it will cause the evaporator coils to freeze which will lower the aircon’s performance.

When the ice buildup melts, the aircon unit starts functioning fine but the coolant leakage again causes the ice to build up and this cycle continues. This results in the fluctuation of temperature. This issue should also be checked and repaired by a trained professional.

These are some of the problems that owners of air conditioners might encounter during its lifetime. Getting them and checked and fixed without wasting time is the best strategy to avoid further problems from arising.

Doing the regular servicing and repairing a few minor issues may help in improving the unit’s performance and ensuring that it keeps running smoothly.