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The Basics of Aircon Compressors

Since their first introduction to the commercial market, air conditioners have slowly paved their way to the top of the must-have appliances list. Nowadays, air conditioners are an indispensable
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Is There Water Coming Out Your Aircon? Find Out Why

Nowadays, homeowners are quick to troubleshoot a problem themselves without asking for professional help. And there’s nothing wrong with this unless there’s some danger for you and your appliances.
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Common Aircon Problems and How To Fix Them

Running an air-conditioning unit in the hot tropical Singapore will take a toll on its lifespan and functionality. You may encounter some problems during the usage of your air
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Aircon Services And Their Prices

In Singapore, the hot tropical climate makes its tough to live without air-conditioning. This has led to a rise in the usage of air conditioners to beat the heat
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Professional Vs DIY Aircon Servicing

An air-conditioner is an essential part of one’s life in the summers. In the case of an inverter, it plays a vital role in the winters as well. It
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Factors That Can Affect Your Aircon Efficiency

A well-cooled room in the hot days of summer is one of the essential comforts of our lives. In the urbanised countries of the world like Singapore, the number
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Normal Servicing Vs Aircon Chemical Wash Vs Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Regular maintenance of your aircon is one of the most important aspects of owning an aircon which should never be overlooked. Over the course of time, dust and dirt
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Top Common Problems Aircon Owners Face and Maintenance Tips to Avoid Them

From time to time and especially if your aircon has been with you for a period of time, you will tend to face some technical issues with it. Here
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Signs You Need Our Aircon Servicing or Repair Services

The one question that always bothers aircon users is “does our system require a professional repair or maintenance?” Well, if you are using it for a long time without
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Effect of Dirt In Your Aircon System

In Singapore, summer is all year long. Most probably, your home is both hot and humid. Air-conditioning systems have provided us an effective way of achieving comfortable indoor temperature