Aircon Servicing In Singapore – Everything You Need To Know!

What is the best way to be comfortable during the scorching heat of the climate of Singapore? Are you thinking about the cool, comfortable well air-conditioned places in Singapore? Well, you are on the right track!

Surviving on the highly humid island combined with extreme heat is tough. Being a resident of Singapore, we understand that an aircon system is an essential part of life, which helps beat the heat and stay comfortable.

The aircon system is a collection of various parts and energy sources, which work in a combined state to deliver you cold air at the temperature you need.

Let’s observe how they operate to give you a comfortable temperature.

How Do Air-Conditioning Systems Work?

All cooling systems work on the principle of expelling hot air to the outside atmosphere and replacing it with cold air.

Aircon system consists of two units- an indoor and outdoor unit. To be precise it has five parts- refrigerant, evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion valve.  

The indoor unit consisting of a coil box called evaporator allows the refrigerant (a cooling fluid) to absorb heat by evaporating. After absorbing the heat, it leaves cold air. While the outdoor unit from where the collected heat gets dispersed consists of a compressor, condenser, and fan.

Heat absorbed by the refrigerant gets pumped to the outer unit by passing through a compressor that pressurizes and heats refrigerant.

As the evaporator coil contains a cold refrigerant, the hot coolant is in the condenser coil. Condenser coils are for transferring heat to the outdoor environment. Once the refrigerant transfers the heat, it transforms again into a liquid. While the coolant is passing through condenser, fan passes ambient air through condenser coil to cool it.

Why Is Aircon Servicing Important?

Singapore’s tropical weather leaves you highly dependent on air-conditioners. You can’t imagine a place without it- be it your home, office, shopping mall, public transport, etc.

As aircon systems work full day and night, they require timely servicing. After all, it’s a machine and undergoes wear and tear while operating continuously.

Skipping regular servicing can turn into a costly mistake. Getting aircon repair in Singapore from professionals saves your device from causing severe troubles.

We carefully inspect the cooling unit and depending upon its condition we provide chemical wash or other servicing techniques to let it function properly. Spending a little today can make your machine function properly for years.

Here are the various reasons that call for the service of the aircon system:

Air Quality

Do you need clean air circulating in your home or office? Everyone wants it! Periodic servicing gives you air free from germs, dust, pollens, bacteria, pollutants. It saves your time and money that goes in visiting doctors to treat diseases caused by breathing in poor quality air.

Save electricity

Do you think aircon servicing is expensive? If that’s so, what do you think about the high utility bills as a result of non-serviced and poorly functioning aircon units.

The cooling systems that are not timely serviced use extra energy to operate that leads to increased utility bills. Getting them repaired on time cuts your costs.  A little investment in servicing, today will save you massive sum of money in the future.

Longer Lifespan

To ensure the proper functioning, and longer life for your cooling systems, on-time servicing is essential. Does it make any sense in buying the best and top of the line aircon system, if you can’t experience its extensive features?  A timely service not only increases its performance but also ensures it’s smooth running for extended periods.

Prevents Frequent Repairing

People make big mistakes by not engaging aircon servicing or maintenance. We detect the problem at an early stage before it leads to major breakdown if you get your cooling machine serviced on time. Delay or non-servicing costs you more money for repairing or even replacing the aircon system when it goes beyond repair.

Protect Environment

We may be using advanced versions of refrigerant, but these human-made gases are still harmful and contribute to global warming. If you get your systems serviced, it allows us to capture these toxic gases from the aircon unit. By not opting for service you are only polluting the environment by releasing harmful gases through your cooling device.

Remove Foul Odors

Are you experiencing a foul smell from your aircon system?  If yes, then its high-time to take quick action. Buildup mold, bacteria, and other organisms are the leading cause behind this unpleasant odor. We provide chemical washes that let you get rid of this odor and even prevent it from accumulating in the future too.

Prevent Water Leakage

When aircon has enough dirt and fungus, it stops functioning correctly. Its blockage results in water leakage, which makes the aircon system work with extra energy which is quite dangerous. Servicing it at regular intervals ensures it won’t happen.

While working on these units from years, we understand every minute details of the aircon unit. This experience enables us to give wise advice to our clients to let them take good care of their aircon without compromising it’s working ability.

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Aircon Services Provided by LK Brothers

In order to experience optimum comfort provided by aircon systems, taking proper care of its working with regular servicing is very crucial. The moment your conditioner drops its performance, it can lead to huge problems with a high level of discomfort. Never avoid it from being serviced through professionals. 

Normal Servicing

Our aircon servicing and maintenance includes roper cleaning of filters, coils and other parts of the aircon unit are needed to let it work property throughout its service period.

We thoroughly wash all the filters and outer panels, which make your system, give you fresh and cold air. Routine servicing includes a deep cleaning of blower wheel, fan coil. We check the compressor and provide proper lubrication to fan motor for its efficient working. Visual inspection and checking of condenser ensure smooth air circulation at right temperature and pressure.

Our team also does proper cleaning of drainage pipe and tray. Proper deodorization and purification of filters are done to give you healthy and fresh air to breathe.

Our team correctly investigates all the electrical components and leaves the place only after verifying proper cooling and functioning of aircon.

Chemical Wash and Overhaul

Aircon chemical wash and chemical overhaul are required for those aircon systems which operate for more than 8 hours regularly without maintenance. It also depends on how frequently you get your units serviced and how carefully they are maintained. We recommend chemical overhauls for aircon that haven’t been cleaned for more than 6 months or used for 9 months.

If your cooling machine is showing problems like water leaks, slow cooling or foul smell, it calls for a chemical wash. Clogged aircons can’t function properly, and with time accumulated dust can even damage the entire unit. With a chemical wash, dust and dirt gets removed and leaves you with fresh and cold air. 

Stay cautious about getting chemical wash only from trained technicians. All chemicals are dangerous, and if not used in the right proportion, it can cause more damage not only to aircon but also to your health. A little carelessness during chemical cleaning can lead to disastrous results. If the aircon system is not cleaned thoroughly after chemical wash, there are chances that you may inhale hazardous fumes when aircon runs.

During the chemical overhaul, we carefully dismantle the aircon system and minutely clean all its parts. Proper lubrication of components is done during this process to ensure the unit runs without causing any noise.

Our chemical wash services are both for commercial and residential places. Our trained technicians perform their job in a highly professional manner and always leave our clients fully satisfied.

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Gas Topping

The gas/liquid is used as refrigerants in aircon systems to let you enjoy the cold relaxed environment during hot summer times.

With time there is a possibility of leakage, and that results in slowly emptying the filled container. It is essential to check the level of gas, to refill it to the adequate level. Professionals usually check refrigerant levels with a gauge.

Gas leakage results in improper or may be no cooling. Various factors lead to gas leakages:

  • Improper installation
  • Low-quality pipe
  • Wear and tear with time
  • Vibration rubs refrigerant lines and causes gas leaks
  • Corrosion is another cause. While condensing coil corrode or evaporating oil, gas leaks occur
  • Poorly soldered fittings

To enhance the life of aircon it is vital to make your cooling device undergo periodic repairs and gas top ups.

Leaks that appear on the top are easy to detect while those on the lower side are harder to discover. It is easier if leakage is in the piping system of the refrigerant.

Our experienced team is efficient to work with all types of aircons and contacting us will for sure curb the problem of your aircon system. We help you to enjoy a cold indoor environment with our best gas top-up services.


With over 10 years of experience in aircon services, our team is expert with troubleshooting problems.  Comprehensive knowledge and training sessions make them capable of handling troubleshooting of different aircon system brands expertly.

Top scenarios are:

  • Aircon leakage
  • Strange noise
  • Hot air from aircon

How is Chemical Wash Different from Chemical Overhaul? 

People usually confuse chemical wash and chemical overhaul. General servicing cleans front panel and replaces the filter that gets clogged with dust or other debris. Chemical cleaning is required when dirt accumulates inside the device and requires a deep cleaning.

It is a combination of extra cleaning with general servicing. During the chemical wash, we remove the filter, dismantle the front cover and then use the hanging tray method for the job.

Although chemical wash is more elaborative and deeper than general servicing, still dirt that gets deposited on the inner sides are not treated with a chemical wash. After chemical wash, for the areas that are left filthy are treated with chemical overhaul.

During chemical overhaul whole unit is dismantled and every part of the cooling unit is more deeply cleaned, clearing all jelly and grime from water tray. It also ensures clean pipes allow free airflow for optimal performance of aircon. The chemical overhaul also includes replacement of worn out parts.

You can read more about the difference between chemical overhaul and wash.

Both services- chemical wash and chemical overhaul cut your energy bills and extends the life of aircon. But as chemical haul is a bit lengthy process and adds more efforts for deep cleaning, that makes it a comparatively costlier service than chemical wash.

Bottomline: Getting your air-conditioner serviced with chemical overhaul once in a year results in huge benefits.


Normal Servicing: Our 1-time service of 1 fancoil (c/w condenser) is $40

Chemical Wash: Cost of service of 1 fancoil is $80

Chemical Overhaul: $140 for 1 fancoil

Gas Topping: R410A costs $60 – $150 and R22 costs you $40 – $120

We provide a warranty of 90 days for our services. Within our contract period, we give free inspections for aircon system problems.

You can find out more from our pricing page.

Summing Up

Regular servicing is vital for the aircon to function with its maximum potential. While, getting problem resolved at its root will keep you at peace by saving you from the aircon system breakdown costs.

Even if you don’t observe any problem or disturbance, still it is ideal that get your aircon serviced once a year. Most of the internal issues are left unnoticed but appears at the later stages. In the absence of servicing, aircon loses its efficiency.

Don’t let a broken aircon system make you endure a hot summer day at the office or home. Call professional aircon services this summer to ensure smooth functioning of your aircon.

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