Aircon Services And Their Prices

In Singapore, the hot tropical climate makes its tough to live without air-conditioning. This has led to a rise in the usage of air conditioners to beat the heat of scorching summers. The more an aircon works, the more there are chances of wear and tear if regular maintenance and servicing is not done.

It’s better to invest in a good, professional maintenance servicing than to delay. Having complicated breakdowns or malfunctions may cost you much more than regular servicing and maintenance.

If you want to opt for our installation, maintenance and cleaning services, there are many different options to choose from. Each has a different price depending on the type of services offered. These are described in detail below:

Aircon Installation

When you buy a new air conditioner, its installation is the first step. However, it is also the most crucial step as any small mistake or negligence can result in much bigger problems in the future in terms of the aircon’s performance and functionality.

A typical split aircon requires an indoor unit and an outdoor unit to be installed. Power cables are then connected and drainage pipes installed. Hiring a professional to install ensures that all aspects are properly looked after.

The drainage pipes have to be properly installed so that there is no option of water leaking inside the walls or the units. Both the indoor and outdoor units have to be professionally and safely installed. If you are creating a ventilation system, the air ducts also have to be laid out in a way so that there are no gaps or cracks.

The price of an aircon installation depends on several factors such as the type of air-conditioning unit being installed, if ventilation ducts are also installed or not, and other factors. This price can range anywhere between $800 to $2,000.

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Aircon Chemical Cleaning

When different parts of your aircon gets clogged because of dirt and dust, it can affect the efficiency of the aircon unit. Not only will the unit’s cooling power be lowered but it will result in increased energy bills since the aircon will have to work harder.

Doing the regular cleaning yourself will help the aircon unit work smoother for some time but a professional cleaning is essential to maintain its good efficiency. A maintenance package is thus recommended to prolong the lifespan of the unit.

A chemical cleaning is the process by which a professional cleans the machinery of your aircon to improve its performance. It involves cleaning the air filters, fan bearings, and drainage system through chemical-based cleaners.

Also, the fan evaporator coil, refrigerant gas, blower wheel, drain pan, and pipes are all cleaned using the chemical cleaner. The price for this chemical cleaning varies according to the type of aircon and its number of fan coils. The one-time chemical cleaning prices are listed for the aircons having:

  • 1 Fan coil – $80
  • 2 Fan coils – $150
  • 3 Fan coils – $210
  • 4 Fan Coils and above – $65 per unit

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Normal Cleaning And Maintenance

A normal cleaning and maintenance servicing should be done for your aircon at least every year. This ensures that it will continue to run smoothly and only call for minor repairs instead of completely breaking down where you would be left with no other choice but to replace the aircon.

This normal maintenance includes cleaning the filter and evaporator surface. In this servicing, the professionals also perform a general compressor health check to identify any issues or problems that might need fixing.

The prices of this type of servicing and maintenance depends on the number of fan coils. The prices are:

  • With 1 fan coil – $40
  • With 2 fan coils – $50
  • With 3 fan coils – $70
  • With 4 fan coils – $85
  • With 5 fan coils – $100
  • With 6 fan coils or above – $19 per unit

The above quoted prices are for one-time service. If you make a contract for a tri-yearly service, the prices become:

  • With 2 fan coils – 146 nett
  • With 3 fan coils – $196 nett
  • With 4 fan coils – $236 nett
  • With 5 fan coils – $286 nett
  • With 6 fan coils – $336 nett

The following paragraph shows the services for a quarterly contract:

  • With 2 fan coils – $21.90 per unit / $175
  • With 3 fan coils – $17.9 per unit / $215
  • With 4 fan coils – $16.60 per unit / $265
  • With 5 fan coils – $16.75 per unit / $335
  • With 6 fan coils – $16.5 per unit / $395

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

An air conditioner is responsible not only for maintaining a cool and pleasant temperature in a room but also purifies the air and makes sure that there is enough air circulation. A regular cleaning and maintenance is of utmost importance to ensure that the air-conditioning unit keeps working as designed.

However, with extended usage, an aircon would need more than just a normal servicing. A chemical overhaul is a way in which you can thoroughly service the aircon to improve its performance and durability.

The process of chemical overhaul starts with dismantling of the complete unit and cleaning the filters with chemicals to ensure that only fresh and pure air is blown inside the room.

The technician then cleans each and every component of the aircon including blower wheels, heat exchange coils, water trays, drainage pipes, and others. The main purpose is not only cleaning but also looking for any anomalies so that they can be fixed then and there.

This process is more detailed that a chemical cleaning and produces much better results in improving the aircon’s efficiency. Again, the price of the aircon chemical overhaul service depends on the number of air conditioner unit having different numbers of fan coils. The one-time service prices are listed below:

  • With 1 fan coil – $140
  • With 2 fan coils – $260
  • With 3 fan coils or above – $120 per unit

Refilling Aircon Gas Reservoir

Refilling the gas reservoir is one of the most important aspects of aircon maintenance. If the gas level is low, the air-conditioning unit will not be able to effectively cool the room.

If you hire a technician to refill the gas reservoir, he will not only refill the gas but also check for leaks or cracks to ensure that the gas does not get leaked in the future.

The process of refilling involves attaching the gas pipes with the aircon’s ports and then filling the gas by constantly checking the gauge.

When the required amount has been filled, the valves are locked. You can also use various kits available in the market to check the gas levels yourself. If the levels drop, you can call for professional help to refill it and check for leaks. The price for gas refilling is listed below:

  • For R410A – $60 – $150
  • For R22 – $40 – $120

These are some of the aircon services that you might opt for to improve your aircon’s performance and to ensure that it continues to work effectively without breaking down.

These services should ideally be utilized once or twice a year depending on the air-conditioning unit’s performance. By paying for these services, you can also identify small problems in the unit’s machinery or units which could be repaired during the servicing. This helps in maintaining the aircon efficiency year after year.